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Primorye deputies joined the big subbotnik in Vladivostok

Primorye deputies joined the big subbotnik in Vladivostok

Day of Russian parliamentarianism, which today celebrates the country, members of the regional parliament said joining subbotnik announced by the city administration.

Speaker Viktor Gorchakov, Calouste Ahoyan deputies, Sergei Dikusar, Sergey Kushnyr, Tatiana Khrushchev and the staff of the Legislative Assembly PC participated in a citywide clean-two sites in the Intercession on the territory of the park and regional neuropsychiatric orphanage outside Okatova.

The main part of the legislators went into electoral districts. Here's to spring cleaning attracted management companies, public utilities, groups of companies and organizations. The deputies involved in cleaning the parks, the elimination of dumps.

According to the decision of Viktor Gorchakov as coordinator of the federal project "Russia is important, every child," the representatives of the Legislative Assembly today in the orphanage arrange well play area, gazebo and stained porch. Now the institution is 76 children - orphans, some of them - children with disabilities.

Chief physician orphanage Varnakova Victoria said: "We are in the heart of the city, the environment suffers, the territory of the orphanage, large and small greens. Therefore, we are grateful for their help in planting trees and preparing the area for the summer."

Victor Gorchakov, commented on the decision: "I want to see what is really going on in these institutions. Primorye working on a program of internal adoption" Russia is important, every child, "despite the existing legislation on the steps taken by the government, there is something to work on. Detailed familiarity with the issue shows that Primorye in no hurry to take the children with health. important to understand why the failure of the children do not become less. important for us to attract the attention of the public and businesses to the problem of the Russian domestic adoption, promotion of responsible parents to take children in foster care. many caring people, we must support them " .

Operating at Protection deputies cleared the park area from last year's leaves, dug up and prepared for planting flowers beds, painted curbs and benches.

"Beijing has long lived in the operation and maintenance of buildings, - Said the deputy Calouste Ahoyan. - 's Time to elevate the city's appearance, which is more modern, bright. This is a very beautiful city, which was recognized by its guests. Us the strength to do it cleaner, more elegant. "

Deputy Tatyana Khrushchev believed that work day is action, attention to cleanliness and order. "Everyone should contribute to the creation of a party atmosphere and good mood, - Said the MP. - Glad to see the smiling faces in the Intercession park, it will be pleasant to walk here on clean tracks the elderly, young mothers with prams, children."

Deputy Sergei Kushnyr believes "Work day - it's a rush to do good." But how long will these efforts be enough? "I want to appeal to citizens asking them not to litter and to protect other people's work. Admit, it's nice to see the city clean and well-kept" - Asked the deputy to Vladivostoktsy.

The total elation work day provided by the fact that urban services are actively engaged in clearing the slopes and hillsides, highways running buses, combined road machines - vacuum cleaners, watering and leeromoechnye machine.

Опубликовано:   27-04-2013, 13:50      |      Категория:  eng news

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