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Employers may be required to pay the workers and the hospital decree

Employers may be required to pay the workers and the hospital decree

Ministry of Labor presented at the meeting of the Tripartite Commission for the regulation of social and labor relations law obliging employers to pay contributions to the social insurance fund "in relation to maternity foreign citizens."

As noted by the Director of the Department of Social Security Ministry Lyudmila Chikmacheva, the main objective of the bill is "leveling the cost of foreign labor to the cost of labor of a Russian citizen."

According to the draft law, employers will be required to pay for foreign workers contribute to the social security fund at the rate of 1.8% of salary (for the Russians, the rate is 2.9%, as the Russians provide lots of sotsgaranty). And if the contributions are paid at least 12 months, foreign workers rely paid "sick leave." Maternity benefit is paid only if the workers get a temporary residence permit or become citizens of Russia.

This proposal drew sharp criticism Labor union employers. Their representative Fedor Prokop said the representative of Ministry of Labor, that if the contract of employment of migrants is less than a year (which is the usual practice), the right to "sick" he will not get, despite the fact that the fees it will still be paid. "It turns out that this is a purely fiscal measure aimed at extracting money from the employer that are converted to worker rights" - Prokop said.

That observation Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets indicated that sense of shared social insurance system, which is practiced in Russia, just lies in the fact that the employer pays a fee for each employee, regardless of the actual need for social guarantees, and then these funds are distributed between those who have a need for them. "You pay the same as for the Russians, who had never taken sick leave" - She said.

The head of the Federation of Independent Trade Unions Mikhail Shmakov, endorsing the bill as a whole, put forward a proposal to lift the rate of social insurance for foreigners to 2.9%, as for the Russians.

The parties have not come to an agreement. "The document is not developed, it must still be discussed at the working group" - Concluded Golodets.

Опубликовано:   27-04-2013, 12:50      |      Категория:  eng news

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