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«Спартак-Приморье» уступил «Нижнему Новгороду» со счетом 87:92

«Спартак-Приморье» уступил «Нижнему Новгороду» со счетом 87:92

On Friday, April 26 at the sports complex "Olympian" hosted the Russian PBL championship match between "Spartak-Primorye" and a team from Nizhny Novgorod. Basketball "Spartak-Primorye" lost "Nizhny Novgorod" with a score of 87:92.

For the "citizens" in the match Vladivostok was the last in the final draw of the PBL, and the victory over the "Spartak-Primorye"left them a chance at the final 5th place in the general classification Russian championship teams. Primorye well, and after the match with the "bottom" is to hold two more games, but after today's defeat at least one rival was out of reach.

Wind in the starting lineup to the floor brought Nesterov Golyahova, Oguchi, Gillenvote and Kolyushkin. The latter had to recoup after the first fast attack Saveliev. Trotter Kolyushkin robbed, but was unable to benefit from it in quick dividendsattack - prevented him all the same Max, but Obi corrected in the next attack, scoring "three-ruble note." After delivering the ball to the ring through Antonova, Nizhny Novgorod brought the initial spurt to 2:10 forced to take time out Gundarsa Wind. Squeezed out of the next attack only penalty, both of which sold Gillenvote, Primorye missed another attack Antonova, who today would not stop. Four points in a row Zabelina defuse the situation. But after substitute Golovin went on a "case" Antonovthrown another "three-ruble note" guests - 11:21 4 minutes before the end of the first period. 20:26 - the maximum that could make Primorye by the end of the first period.

Nesterov after slemdanka a fast attack cut the gap to one shot already at the start of the second period. 24:26 and the timeout Lukic. The exchange of fire continued. 6 points in a row, "Lower" in the response in just 40 seconds of game time and again timeout winds. Oguchi series began when the backlog of Primorye was double-digit, first two exact penalty, then 2 points in the pass, and a three-pointer in conclusion - 33:37. But the two "three rubles" Golovin again negated all the efforts of Primorye. He and Antonov scored in the first half of the 37 points separating them almost equally. 42:53 - after the first half.

Missed the last 2 games Paul Delaney had a hard cut the gap to 8 points, scoring first from a distance, and then in the aisle. Otzaschischatsya, the team had reported another 2 points in the basket, this time through Zabelina. Then Delaney in "paint" cheated Trotter, once again returning "Spartak-Primorye" in the game - 55:61. The ending of the third quarter did not match the tempo of the game. Before that only the speaker and managed to call the distinguished players in the attack, then two minutes for two teams scored only 4 points.

On the final period Primorye out to play "-10". This season, our team has been able to do it, not even with such a rival. But the "whistles" in the attack to stop attempts to get even, and vice versa guests were given additional opportunities to attack. Delaney exact hit from behind the arc at the end of tenure still roused the fans. Play was almost 3 minutes, and on the scoreboard: "74:82". Players "Nizhny Novgorod" thought that the end has come for 2 minutes before the match. Indeed, another "three-pointer" Antonova leaves little chance of winning Primorye, but Gundars Vetra disagreed and timeout still took. And his plan almost worked. Delaney even fast no one was going to stop - 85:91. Immediately Shashkovo foul on one of the two. And a foul on Surovceva: two out of three. But time was lost, and the salvation thereof is not enough. Having played in 5 seconds "pure" time 4 points, the remaining 5 points are reflected in the final difference in favor of the "Lower".

The most productive player in our team was Paul Delaney, who collected 23 points. Guests of the 24 points on the account Seeds Antonova, 22 more - at Dmitry Golovin.

The final matches of the championship, "Spartak-Primorye" hold on home ground: May 8 to May 12 and Unics with "Triumph". The games will start at 18:45.

Gundars Vetra, head coach of BC "Spartak-Primorye":
- I would like to congratulate the "Nizhny Novgorod" with the victory. I think that the opponent has won deservedly. Today he played better than us, with a big wish was faster everywhere. The fate of the match decided when we are "floated" in the very beginning. In the course of the match we were in a catch-up role, but to catch up with the opponent we could not. Although the first half of the couple of times we were picked up, but quickly dispelled those glasses.

- In the last few games, "Spartak-Primorye" early releases opponent, and then trying to catch up. The reason?

- We ourselves think about it. Apparently, the fact that we are talking to plants does not reach the players. I agree that we can not from the outset to join the game or do not believe that the opponent can hit so well. Maybe because of the fact that playing at home, treat the enemy with some underestimation. Although we have no reason to think so. The level of our players can not afford it. I am very upset by this loss. 17 made absolutely stupid losses when they could get close. The next two matches will try to change it. But now all the teams need the points, they understand it and are on their way here fully prepared.

Zoran Lukic, head coach of BC "Nizhny Novgorod":
- For us it was the last game in the championship of Russia PBL, the last chance to win and improve standings. It was very important to play well. This season we have won twice at home "Spartak-Primorye", but what happened in the second FA Cup match - it is our one big mistake, maybe a coach. Today we showed a very concentrated game in attack, had to adapt to the opponents' play. Even under such pressure at "Spartak-Primorye" simply does not stand a chance. Exception - only one gear and foul Golovin, and before that he confidently led his team, and only after that point the opponent originated minimal hope. I am very grateful to the team that psychologically survived the game and won it.

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