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In the residential area of Vladivostok blocked a major channel of delivery of cannabis and hashish oil

Опубликовано:   24-04-2013, 13:30      |      Категория:  eng news

On the road Ustinovka - Mirror Driver
19-08-2013, 14:01, eng news
On the road Ustinovka - Mirror driver when overtaking Toyota Crown is not convinced of the safety of the maneuver and collided with oncoming motor vehicle Toyota Kluger. 31-year-old driver of Toyota...
Woman in Vladivostok
18-04-2013, 16:10, eng news
Today at 1015 police and rescue workers in Vladivostok received a message from the guards of the building PTR that the unknown woman hung the bag on the parking gate and hurried away. The lady in the...
Vladivostok today is warm and sunny
6-03-2013, 01:06, eng news
Wednesday in the capital of Primorye will be clear and warm, the air warms up to zero temperature......
Hydraulic tests of heating Vladivostok on
20-09-2013, 03:04, eng news
Hydraulic tests of heating Vladivostok on Lenin and partly Pervorechenskij areas will continue, "Primorsk heating networks." From September 20 to begin reducing energy flow temperature tracks and...
Palo campus on the island of Russian for five days will be open
4-08-2013, 12:16, eng news
Palo campus on the island of Russian for five days will be open to all residents and guests of Vladivostok. As RIA «VladNews» the press service of the administration of Primorsky edge, from 14 to 18...
Cup of Russia in Kudo athletes from Vladivostok
28-05-2013, 11:31, eng news
VII Cup of Russia Kudo held in Cherepovets. Its participants were more than 70 people from different regions of Russia. Primorye represented athlete from Vladivostok Alina Rezepkin. Annual salary of...
In Khorol Primorye region has increased significantly the number of wolves and foxes
19-03-2013, 05:20, eng news
In Khorol area has increased significantly the number of wolves and foxes. Number of wolves and foxes in Primorye increased today in the surrounding forests are home to 13 wolves and 535 foxes. These...
12 June 2013 Moi Russia, Vladivostok
14-06-2013, 16:46, eng news
12 June 2013 Moi Russia, Vladivostok had been received from a resident of the regional center that in the Central square of the city during the agricultural fair of her bags kidnapped wallet with...
Vladivostok has opened a Russian-Japanese Medical Center
28-05-2013, 18:30, eng news
Chairman of the Duma of Vladivostok Helen Nowicka took part in the opening of the Russian-Japanese medical center "Hokuto". Vladivostok was opened only in the country rossysko-Japanese New medical...
International training course
11-03-2013, 11:43, eng news
The program included an educational seminar discussion on curbing the illicit movement of radioactive materials across the border......

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