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Spring burns are not safe for the residents of Vladivostok - Emergency

Spring burns are not safe for the residents of Vladivostok - Emergency

Settled in the last days of clear and dry weather pleases the citizens of all trades, but adds the hassle of employees of the MES. Increasingly, over the hills, get rid of the snow, "fur", you can see the band smoke: let vladivostoktsy burns without thinking about the consequences of .

Spring burns are not safe for the residents of Vladivostok - Emergency

So, on Monday due to unknown arranged by well-wishers had fallen fire brigade was forced to go on the Eagle hill. At this time without spilling, but instantly flushed blaze has forced the local residents nervous.

In the MOE commented on the situation this way:

- Some residents of Vladivostok naively think that paladins are safe or even beneficial - they say, dead grass is burned, and in its place will go up rather new. This is totally wrong! In fact, the earth is dead after burns: the top fertile layer is destroyed, and at this point it will still be "show off" ugly bald spots. Moreover, the smoke from which has absorbed heavy metals grass - as well as from the dried leaves of autumn - is extremely harmful to the health and allergy sufferers can not tolerate it at all, people have had fits of asthma, they suffocate. Finally, in Vladivostok, and especially the suburbs there are cases when a vacant lot on the hill or let fall, and he immediately gets to the sheds, huts, huts, garages or parked in the open air cars - damage in the tens, if not hundreds of thousands of rubles, and well more if no one gets hurt people.

It remains to add that for violations of fire safety regulations Vladivostoktsy face fines, but as long as they remain miserable, rescuers have to rely only on the consciousness of fellow countrymen.

Опубликовано:   23-04-2013, 21:10      |      Категория:  eng news

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