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Unique album art presented in Vladivostok

Unique album art presented in Vladivostok

In Vladivostok, presented the album "Book illustration of Primorsky Krai."

Each crank Dalnevostochnik find the album at least one image from his childhood. Sergei Cherkasov coexists here with Valentine Chebotarev, Vsevolod Mechkovskaya with Victor Ubiraevym, Gennady Kungurov John Kudryavtsev This is the first publication of its kind in the Far East.

A good illustrator becomes a full-fledged co-author of the book: illustration grows together with the text, and the result is a whole piece of art. In this age of computerization save paper book is only one way - if you publish it well, providing decent text layout, the book was a pleasure to hold in their hands, says Alexander Lobychev, editor and literary critic.

The album includes more than 160 illustrations for books, comes out from the middle of the twentieth century to 2013 in the Far East Khabarovsk and publishing houses, publishing Far Eastern State University (Palo), "Frontier", "The Morning of Russia", "Russian Island" and others. The idea of the album belongs to Olga Zotov, Ph.D., associate professor of journalism and publishing the School of Humanities Palo. The book was published by the publishing house with the support of Palo Far Eastern Branch of the "Russian world".

Here are the artists performed in a variety of techniques - watercolor, ink, gouache, pencil, lithography, linocut, woodcut, mixed technique.

"Sometimes illustration gained value independent work of art, still life, not only in the book, but also as a unique graphics in museums and private collections," - Olga Zotov wrote in the preface to the edition. In drawing up the original album graphics were used sheets, invoices messaging features artwork. Some illustrations have demanded painstaking rehabilitation work.

Опубликовано:   23-04-2013, 15:10      |      Категория:  eng news

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