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Extensive repairs of roads began in Vladivostok

Extensive repairs of roads began in Vladivostok

With the onset of heat in Vladivostok began construction and repair work in all areas of the city.

Contractors have begun the planned overhaul of the main roads, driveways and adjacent territories.

Now teams of workers remodeling the pedestrianized area to Meadow Street. Sportin. Builders installed paving curbstone and made the basis for laying asphalt. In the coming days the footpath asphalted.

Large-scale reconstruction of the pedestrian area and the street is the Ulyanovsk. Neighborhood residents appealed to the head of Vladivostok Igor Pushkarev asking to restore the pavement that has not seen repairs for many years. Now, in the street of the Ulyanovsk residents will be able to walk on the footpath repaired. In addition, the builders will provide for lowering curbs for the convenience of mothers with strollers.

The renovation on driveways and adjacent territories. It is worth noting that in addition to the previously approved 37 yards repairs will hold a further 30 sites. Repair work began on the street Dnieper, 3943 Gamarnika, 13151723 People's Avenue, from Gornaya Str to ul.Svetlanskoy (past the house number 195a), Russian, 9898/198/2 , Burachek, 46810 Fastovsky, Oleg Koshevogo, 25-33. Builders dismantle the old dry stone and macadam base is prepared to install a new one.

In addition, the brigade road services have started reconstruction of the road along the street first Marine with the restoration of the pedestrian zone of streets and Karbysheva Stanyukovicha.

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