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For 5 years, the number of street lights in Vladivostok increased 10 times

For 5 years, the number of street lights in Vladivostok increased 10 times

For 5 years on the streets of the seaside capital has become much lighter. The number of street lights with 3 thousand rose to 34 thousand. This large-scale systematic work in a street-lighting started in 2008 on the instructions of the head of Vladivostok Igor Pushkarev.

The annual number of new light is increased by several thousand. Lights appear, especially in remote areas, including where previously they never existed. For example, in the village on the island of Russian Base. Became lighter in underground and surface pedestrian crossings, which reduced the number of accidents involving pedestrians. Covered school grounds and stadiums, playgrounds kindergartens. Thanks to the systematic work of lanterns in five years has increased by 10 times.

Vilkovo, Nyquist, Zigure Prikhodko, Slutsky, Kornilov, Neva, Ilicheva, Polar, Links, Karbysheva Tukhachevskogo Pechora, Balyaeva, Yenisei, Vatutin, Magnitogorsk, Kirov - this is not a complete list of streets that have become much lighter over the years. All of them are located in remote areas of the city. Light was not here the last decade. Now, the old pillars installed new lighting with energy-saving bulbs in the lamps. These bulbs last much longer than usual, and shine a yellow light, which is best seen in foggy weather.

As deputy chief of staff Alexander Yurov, who oversees the fuel and energy complex, in 2008 the number of working street lights in Vladivostok barely reached three thousand. By the beginning of 2012 they have managed to increase the number to 14000. In the year of the summit in Vladivostok, a lot of constructed facilities also needed a light. Lights were placed along the new federal highways, bridges, in the district of Snow Pad, near the campus of Palo on the island of Russian, lighting was done at individual sites and buildings, new pavement lights appeared in the squares and promenades. Made lighting of buildings and individual objects. As a result, in the year of the summit in Vladivostok shone 34000 lights. Such a large-scale lighting city has ever seen.

However, this work does not end there. On the instructions of Igor Pushkarev this year in Vladivostok will install another 10000 lights.

Опубликовано:   23-04-2013, 13:10      |      Категория:  eng news

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