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Prosecutors dismissed from Primorye "sucked sensation" in the case of submarine "Nerpa"

Prosecutors dismissed from Primorye \"sucked sensation\" in the case of submarine \"Nerpa\"

Prosecutors called the Pacific Fleet pressure on the court and "sucking sensation of a finger," the publication of the recording between the sailors in the accident at the nuclear submarine "Nerpa" in November 2008.

According to the assistant prosecutor, this record has been studied in detail during the process, but directly related to the incriminated defendant has no deeds. Prosecutors said that the investigation record rebuttal arguments can only count people who are not familiar with the case materials, and regard it as an attempt by the publication of the defense to mislead the jury.

Footage of the incident, published on 21 April portal "Free Press", you can hear talks sailors during an accident. Record said Rear Admiral reserve Andrew Wojtowicz, who held the post of deputy chief of staff before the Pacific Fleet. According to him, the commander of the submarine Dmitry Lavrentiev adopted in an emergency quick and professional solutions will minimize the number of victims. In the case of any other action, Wojtowicz said, would have been killed all on board people, and the submarine itself would be lost.

The authors of the material also note that the investigation has not yet figured out how to fire-extinguishing system in addition to CFC got poisonous gas tetrachlorethylene. Chairman of the St. Petersburg Submariners' Club and the Navy veterans Igor Kurdin told the newspaper that ran the freon at night, and to find out who did it, did not succeed. In addition, he said, Freon purchased in five one-day firms, and having certified its military representative died, fell through the ice while fishing. Kurdin did not say where he got this information.

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An accident on a submarine "Nerpa" occurred November 82008 during its sea trials in the Sea of Japan. Due to unplanned inclusion of the emergency fire, killing 20 people from the 208 on board. Another 38 people were hospitalized with poisoning by a mixture of Freon and tetrachlorethylene. Investigators believe that the fire-extinguishing system accidentally turned sailor Dmitry coffin. Commanded the ship on the day of the first rank of captain Dmitry Lavrentiev accused that he had not followed the training of the crew.

In 2011 a jury acquitted the two defendants in the case, finding that the investigation failed to conclusively prove their guilt. Subsequently, however, the Supreme Court reversed the decision and returned the case for retrial. Both defendants insist on innocence.

Опубликовано:   23-04-2013, 09:10      |      Категория:  eng news

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In 2014 in the Maritime province will build a new port
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Primorsky Territory Governor Vladimir Miklushevsky July 24 met with the president of the holding company "Siberian Business Union" by Michael Fedyaeva. The new port will be built in Primorye sides...
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