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In the middle of the week the weather will worsen in Primorye

In the middle of the week the weather will worsen in Primorye

Spring in Primorye gradually gaining ground. Last weekend, the average daily temperature increased by 3.2 ° C, but still below the climate values. At night, in the Maritime region was dominated by negative air temperatures (-1 to -7 ° C), only in some places in the coastal areas of the background temperature was slightly positive. But the day was warm, the air temperature reached +7 +13 oC. In some districts of Primorye were rain. Their intensity was low: 0.1 to 0.8 mm. Rain held the weekend in southern Primorye.

We were pleased with the weather over the weekend and inhabitants. Vladivostok . At night, the thermometer did not fall below 2 ° C, and in the afternoon temperature reached +10 +11 oC. It was the warmest days in the current April.

Last night the rain almost stopped. In the central and eastern regions of background night temperature has not changed. And in the west and the south coast of Primorye night was warmer by 4.2 °.

In Vladivostok, at the western wind night minimum tonight was +5 oC.

Today, April 22 weather conditions in the Maritime region will determine the field of high atmospheric pressure. No precipitation expected. The air warms up to +13 +18 ° C, 5-7 ° C cooler is only in the extreme north.

As the Primgidrometa the next day to begin rebuilding surface pressure field. In regions of Mongolia through the North China to the littoral fit another cyclone. Tomorrow afternoon fronts associated with this cyclone is approaching the western borders of the region. Clouds will cover the western half of the province, the rains in some places here. As the displacement of the cyclone in the east area of precipitation in the middle of the week will spread to the whole territory of the region.

Tomorrow, April 23 in Vladivostok, precipitation is expected. Wind changes its direction from north to south. The air temperature at +4 +6 ° C at night, +10 +12 oC.

Опубликовано:   22-04-2013, 20:20      |      Категория:  eng news

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