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Primorye land will already receive communications from

In the Primorsky Territory Administration continues to work on the draft law "On the free provision." According to one of the items that will give the land of Primorye already with communications.

Primorye land will already receive communications from

Primorye land will already receive communications from

For each site have been placed on water, sewer, electricity, and in some areas, and gas. This obligation is to take over municipalities.

The Working Group visited the land in the bay area Ermine, formerly owned by the Russian Defense Ministry. Very soon there will be a new residential area "Ussuri". City Mayor Igor Pushkarev presented a plan for its development.

According to the project, construction of various buildings - high-rise, low-rise, as well as individual development. The territory is divided into zones, but they will vary depending on how many families will want to build individually, and how many will express a desire to get an apartment in an apartment building. At present, individual construction site ready to approximately 10-14% of the families.

According to Vladimir Miklushevsky , Must rely primarily on the opinion of people who will live here, it is necessary to bring to the discussion of how much of Primorye. Need to find out the need for housing, the construction cost, which is calculated on the potential settlers.

To solve the financial problem in buying a home in the future for young families will be worked out program of mortgage lending. Heads of municipalities presented Vladimir Miklushevsky development projects transferred from the Ministry of Defence land.

For example, in the area will be disbursed Shkotovsky section 702 and in Ussuriysk in the near future they will be gasified 240 sites. The head of the Mikhailovsky district Anatoly Chebotkov informed that a project is ready for 500 houses, and near the agro-industrial park will plant and processing plant soybeans.

The working group focused their attention on the possibility of getting a plot in any area of the edge, if the families of such a desire.

Опубликовано:   19-04-2013, 12:10      |      Категория:  eng news

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