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In Primorye, entrepreneur turned the leased land in the dump, trying to save on dumping

In Primorye, entrepreneur turned the leased land in the dump, trying to save on dumping Photo: press service of Nakhodka

In Nakhodka entrepreneur admitted the occurrence of spontaneous dumps on lease, rent a plot of land near the bypass road. With respect to the violator will take tough measures up to the early termination of the lease.

Dumps of construction and household garbage near the bypass road arose after the appearance of this place shield with the inscription "I will accept the ground." The plot of land has been leased to the private entrepreneur for the construction of shopping center. In an effort to save on dumping site, the merchant decided to resort to the "people's" care. However, instead of soil to bypass steel trucks bring their first building, and then the trash. As a result, in a few months out of the blue rose a real dump of the bags with plaster, cardboard packaging, furniture and trees.

The Department of Ecology and Nature Nakhodka were conducted raids to prevent and punish those who dumps garbage in the city. With the "red-handed" department employees caught a few truck drivers belonging to construction companies. Under current rules beautification of city district, dumping garbage in undesignated areas is prohibited. Waste disposal is a dedicated test site near Paddy Cucumber. Failure to comply with municipal legal acts punishable by an administrative fine on citizens in the amount of 1 to 3 thousand rubles for officials - from 5 to 10 thousand for legal entities - from 50 to 80 thousand rubles.

As the head of the department of ecology and nature Nakhodka, the blame for the emergence of the landfill is on the landholder. "He has not only provided properly order to their territory, but also provoked dumping. Wastes are hazardous to humans, with the expansion they may produce carcinogenic substances penetrate into the soil and groundwater, "said Maxim Melnikov. Currently, the city district administration is considering the possibility of early termination of the contract, the land lease. Whatever the outcome of the entrepreneur will be obliged to take out and eliminate landfill waste at the landfill. The law defines not only rights but also obligations of land users. Citizens are required to use the land only for its intended purpose, without harming the environment.

Опубликовано:   18-04-2013, 09:00      |      Категория:  eng news

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