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The deputies Vladivostok: today Duma is working together with the City, not in spite of it

The deputies Vladivostok: today Duma is working together with the City, not in spite of it Photo: Alexander Vasilyev

On the eve of the local government Vladivostok Duma deputies held a press conference at which he spoke about the make and share their vision of solving actual problems.

"We would very much like to see the activity of the inhabitants of the city was even higher, and references were made to order more, because it allows you to more fully embrace that perspective, that is in every corner of the city" - Began the chairman of the committee on local government, law and order and the rule of law Vladivostok Duma Mikhail Veselov. - "Without the opinions of people without their will often be difficult to make the right decisions, which subsequently affect their lives. We have a denominator - democracy, and we must implement it in our lives every day."

As noted by the Chairman of the Duma of Vladivostok Elena Novitsky for the fourth convocation (which works since last November) in Vladivostok Duma calls came in 1900 - both from individuals and from organizations, draft regulations, the answers to the treatment of other organs. Of the total population had access to 363 letters, but we must remember that many of the requests were sent directly to the citizens on the county in the public reception of his deputies.

"Right now, the actual problem is to provide pre-school child care, because it is the social environment to attract young professionals, economic issues" - Said the Chairman of the Committee on Social Policy and Veterans Affairs Vladivostok Duma Olga Vorozhbit. - "Now most of the lack of pre-school, but the problem is solved: the construction of new kindergartens, plans to introduce more than 1000 seats. As already built and long-acting kindergartens there is a problem with the staff, as young people do not want to go for this kind of work because of the low salary. In addition, there is now the province of educational institutions that would prepare teachers. Palo To date, only gaining one group, consisting of 30 people, and it is in the whole region. Yet the need for these people is in each kindergarten. "

Replying to a question whether the current Duma comfortable to work with the Administration of Vladivostok, chairman of the Committee on Social and Economic Policy Dmitry Suleev pointed out to the significant conflicts, as in the previous government, does not happen. "Maybe someone will remember that the previous mayor and former composition of the Duma quarreled. Partly" procherepkovskaya "faction got up and left, after which the Duma just could not work. Now, these problems do not arise because people are working constructively in closely and always respond to dialogue in the interests of all residents of the city "- summed up the MP and businessman.

Опубликовано:   17-04-2013, 20:00      |      Категория:  eng news

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