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The deputies took control of the preferential provision of medicines in Vladivostok

The deputies took control of the preferential provision of medicines in Vladivostok

Today in the Duma Vladivostok a meeting of the Committee on Social Policy and Veterans Affairs. During the meeting, the deputies discussed the critical situation in Vladivostok with preferential drug coverage people with disabilities.

As Chairman of the Committee informed the deputies Olga Vorozhbit until the appealmade in the administration of the edge on the issue, no response is received. The voters regularly turn to MPs to ask for help, because often in pharmacies no drugs prescribed by a doctor, and as the term of the use of prescription - one month, patients have to go to the clinic again. Vorozhbit Olga told me that she was trying to get information on the telephone "hot line", dedicated to pharmacy services, said the Internet, but it failed. The deputies decided to visitclinics and pharmacies in each district of the city to the next meeting of the committee to have an objective picture of the challenges that add up townspeople in search of needed drugs.

Chairman of the Duma of Vladivostok Helen Nowicka, a doctor by profession, invited deputies to pay attention to the way the recipes are written and are used to subsidized medicines: "We need to see whether issued in lieu of unused prescriptions repeated many times. Necessary to analyze all the way benefit recipient, highlighting the places where a person has difficulty. The problem is that doctors often do not know which drugs have in pharmacies. Some, let's say, no, but there are analogues, but the issue can only be something that is written in the recipe. There is no single electronic database, the doctor opened it and was aware of what you can use. Or another situation: the patient several pathologies, can he get all the drugs in a pharmacy? Now to the Department of Health Administration of Primorsky Territory a lot of criticism, our task is to find practical ways to improve the situation. We need to develop recommendations that will help the department to establish provision exempts Vladivostok necessary preparations. "

The meeting also reviewed a draft municipal act, amending the annex to the decision of the Duma of Vladivostok from 08122005 № 143 "On approval of regulations for the provision of free public pre-school education in the city of Vladivostok." The document expands the list of persons entitled to enjoying the right of extraordinary places in municipal kindergartens. As explained by the head of department on work with the municipal administration of the educational institutions of the city of Vladivostok Larissa Karpachyova, proposed to be included in the list of teachers of municipal educational institutions and institutions of additional education. This measure is aimed at attracting teachers to work in the municipal offices of education.

The members of the Committee on Social Policy and Veterans Affairs briefed the deputy Andrei Andreychenko on the status of the release of a private educational institution "Education Center" Harmony "of the building, located at Vladivostok, Russian Street, 85. On behalf of the committee deputy repeatedly met with the leadership of "Harmony", the parents of children enrolled there, employees of the administration of the city of Vladivostok dealing with the conflict. Recall "Harmony" is located in the municipal premises, the lease term which expired in August 2012. At a meeting of the Committee on Social Policy and Veterans Affairs on February 6 this year was considered treatment group "Harmony", not wanting to liberate occupied the room in which the administration of the city of Vladivostok after reconstruction intends to open a municipal kindergarten for 160 places. Then it was decided to ask the city authorities to provide schools the opportunity to complete the school year without moving to further education institution to provide another room. As the deputy Andrei Andreychenko, "Harmony" was given a choice of three rooms with a separate entrance in public schools № 6869 and 72. The management of "Harmony" has rejected all these offers, continuing to adjust the parents of children enrolled in the school to ensure that they opposed any move to other premises.

At present, "Harmony" in Vladivostok spread information about a set of children in private kindergarten at the school on favorable terms. The purpose of these actions, in his opinion, is nothing more than an attempt to use children and their parents as an argument in a dispute with the city of Vladivostok. As the deputy head of the administration of the city of Vladivostok Natalia Maltsev, "This - the manipulation and speculation, the fight for the preservation of the business. "Harmony" is intentionally misleading the citizens, not thinking about what will happen to the children after the end of the school year when the school will have on the court vacate the premises. And if people have misjudged the situation will go from the general queue for kindergarten? ". Nicholas Yamkovoy deputies, Yuri Leontiev, Dmitry Easy spoke for what the city administration to continue outreach to parents of students, as well as to determine the final date of the release of the room. Of the options, "Harmony" will have to choose one that is more suited to private educational institution. Chairman of the Committee on Social Policy and Veterans Affairs Olga Vorozhbit, summing up the discussion, asked the deputy Andrei Andreychenko continue to monitor the situation with the move, "Harmony", and regularly inform the committee members.

Опубликовано:   17-04-2013, 19:20      |      Категория:  eng news

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