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The suspicions were confirmed: the 22-year-old mother herself strangled the newborn in Primorye

The suspicions were confirmed: the 22-year-old mother herself strangled the newborn in Primorye

In Ussurijsk on the results of preliminary inquiries into the discovery of the body newborn prosecuted.

As previously reported IA Primore24 April 16 in an apartment on the street Arsenyev was found dead baby. Upon investigating authorities of the TFR in the Primorye Territory was organized investigation verification. As a result, found that the death of an infant was the result of mechanical asphyxia - in other words, the child was strangled.

When the scan decided to institute criminal proceedings under Art. 106 of the Criminal Code (murder of the mother of a newborn child).

In a criminal case under investigation steps: examine a witness, a forensic examination, the investigation continues. Recall that the mother - a 22 year old student teacher's college - had already left their first child my grandmother, who lives in Sakhalin. Second pregnancy she hid from the mother and doctors and consequently tried to mislead by claiming that the child is born dead.

Опубликовано:   17-04-2013, 16:00      |      Категория:  eng news

According to this Decree, single (daily)
17-06-2013, 11:16, eng news
According to this Decree, single (daily) rate for the citizens living in towns and urban-type settlements, will be 2224 ruble per kilowatt-hour. For customers with two-tariff metering devices, daily...
In the next day in Vladivostok expected heavy rain and wind
15-07-2013, 23:30, eng news
In the next night weather in the south of the Far East will begin to change. With the approach of atmospheric fronts, in the morning in southwest Primorye will rain. During the day the area of...
In the Sea of Japan in distress ship with 12 Russians on board
2-04-2013, 13:20, eng news
On Tuesday, April 2 at 17:50 Vladivostok time the ship SeaStar, which is located in the Sea of Japan, 60 miles from the coast, it was reported on an engine failure. On board the SeaStar are 12...
In Primorye, lost crops, will be able to buy vegetables at wholesale prices
9-08-2013, 17:02, eng news
Residents of Primorye, vegetable gardens, which are affected by the heavy rains in late July, will be able to buy a "second bread" and other vegetables at wholesale prices. Vegetables Primorye be...
On Saturday, June 29 at the stadium «Builder»
1-07-2013, 21:15, eng news
On Saturday, June 29 at the stadium «Builder» was held the 4th round of the municipal sports festival «family starts. At the stadium gathered many children, about 60 boys, girls and their parents...
In 2013 the Primorye owed to banks 114000000
12-04-2013, 19:00, eng news
rubles. Total cash proceeds from the edge of the population in the first three months of 2013 the per capita amount was formed in 19.6 thousand rubles a month......
29-year-old driver mikrogruzovika Nissan Atlas broke
28-08-2013, 15:02, eng news
29-year-old driver mikrogruzovika Nissan Atlas broke the distance to transport, move forward, and crashed into a freight car FAW CA. As a result of a car accident at the scene died Nissan driver and...
In Primorye, the child fell into the hot ashes near the boiler room and got badly burned
27-03-2013, 11:50, eng news
According to preliminary data, the boy and his friends went to the territory freely boiler house in the village Starovarvarovke Anuchinskogo district......
Rules of the road for many of the littoral not written
15-03-2013, 03:10, eng news
Check out the oncoming lane, speeding, driving while intoxicated, careless pedestrians lead to numerous......
The party
28-05-2013, 20:31, eng news
The regional branch of the party SPRAVELIVAYA RUSSIA in Primorye announces fee assistance. Office supplies, educational games and toys will young patients regional children's psychiatric hospital in...

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