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Residents of Primorye write congratulations on Victory Day

Residents of Primorye write congratulations on Victory Day

On the eve of the Victory Day Primorye residents collected the first thousand greeting cards for veterans of war and labor. In all the cities and regions of Primorye is undergoing collection of congratulations, organized by the Russian Post.

Vetaranam personal thanks for their heroic deeds can express any. To become a party to the action, it is enough to buy a postcard marked the holiday theme, write your greetings on the card veteran and lower it to a special mailbox or deliver to the operator.

Delivery holiday greetings organized in all cities and regions of Primorye: before May 9 postmen deliver letters all veterans together with the presidential letters.

In addition, in the course of the action "Charity subscription" Mail of Russia invites all who wish to subscribe to any periodical to the nursing homes, veterans homes and other socially important institutions.

Help IA Primore24

Russian action "Gratitude countrymen" held "Post of Russia" the second year in a row. In 2012 the event was attended by 25 branches, more than 2700 post offices and more than 500 schools, colleges, military schools and universities. Veterans across the country received more than 300000 greeting cards. In Primorye for veterans received 17890 letters

For participation in the action can be obtained by calling (423) 241-37-70.

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