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In Primorye, arrested a gang of drug traffickers who sold hashish in a military settlement

In Primorye, arrested a gang of drug traffickers who sold hashish in a military settlement

Drug control authorities and the Federal Security Service of Russia on the Pacific Fleet had a large-scale operation in the closed and the village Fokino Danube.

Large-scale operation to curb the activities of a criminal group that sold hashish and "Khimki", held by Russian FSB officials UFSKN Pacific Fleet and Russia's Primorsky Krai in the closed village Fokin and Danube.

Searches and seizures carried out simultaneously in 10 locations. Seized more than 350 grams of hashish and hashish oil, about a pound of marijuana, hashish oil mixture with tobacco and smooth-edged weapon, an electric, Order of the Patriotic War (presumably stolen), and more than 500 thousand.

During the operation, arrested eight suspects, some of them had already tried, including involvement in drug trafficking. According to witnesses, a number narkotochek where raided daily held up to 40 customers. Due to the fact that they operated in a closed administrative-territorial unit, verified information about the possible purchase of drugs by military personnel.

Number of criminal cases related to attempted sale, preparation for sale and illegal possession of drugs, which are planned to combine in one.

Опубликовано:   17-04-2013, 13:00      |      Категория:  eng news

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