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Berezovsky failed Shards hates Moscow and Vladivostok dream of

Berezovsky failed Shards hates Moscow and Vladivostok dream of

Not yet officially started the campaign in the regional capital gains momentum. 71-year-old Victor Cherepkov, on Tuesday became the guest of the talk show "Person" in the Library. Bitter, in a familiar manner trying to shock the audience gathered, but the effect was rather comical .

Absurdity began before the start of the conversation (which advocates Cherepkova tried to present it as "a meeting with the mayor of the people", despite the fact that in "personality" Viktor was just another of the many visitors, and not the most popular). Despite the fact that the start of the event said at 18:30 already 20 minutes to get inside the library was not possible - the doors were locked from the inside "on the shovel." An elderly janitor, occasionally approach the entrance, did not even try to explain the remaining "behind" the supporters of the Cherenkov and journalists, what's the matter.

The point, as it turned out, was in a small amount of room for a meeting - usually accommodates 50-60 people, at this time, according to the library director Alexander Bryukhanova, posted 120 and this was the limit of the possible. It should be noted that among those who managed to get to a meeting, attended by not only the old supporters of Viktor Ivanovich - there were many students in political science Palo that hone in on the party "personality" professional skills.

Self talk show left many viewers double impression. Shards built on plain speech for themselves in the rhetoric of the departure of pathos: "This government is afraid of us, so it did not register the party of" freedom and democracy "," any fair election, I would have won in the first round, but I was always against the law to remove " was made to the latest trends and political kitchen Russia: "Today, competition in politics I have: Who is Navalny?", "Berezovsky called me to be the face of his party, but I refused." however to specific questions from the audience on the current life of the city, its economy, infrastructure, unemployment Shards gave vague answers - it was clear that the policy of uncomfortable talking about the real case.

Viktor But not too lazy to remind his audience how mad money into hard currency to spend his opponents "black PR" bribery of judges and discredit Cherepkov. Apparently, this was to encourage "VIChevtsev": that the enemy is getting poorer every time, but we are not giving up. However, the effect of this technique had no effect - on the contrary, from the audience asked about the details of the past Cherenkov Municipality in Specifically, the history of Igor Chernyansky - "Banker Hall" and the deputy Viktor Ivanovich. According to the former mayor, Chernyansky budget money laundering and stealing perhaps millions, but the townspeople, who knew who died Chernyansky, are convinced that the Shards, say the least, disingenuous.

At the end of the meeting, Viktor Ivanovich said taken aback by this turn of supporters that, in principle, willing to work in a team of any winning candidate - to the position of first deputy. then, goodbye, went to Shards restaurant to celebrate a birthday and participants dispersed to their homes - ponder heard and draw conclusions.

worth noting that today, at the same time - 18:30 - in the main square of Vladivostok held a rally against political repressions. now intended that it will perform and Shards.

Опубликовано:   17-04-2013, 12:00      |      Категория:  eng news

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