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Only one night in Primorye found 77 drunk drivers

Daily at Primorsky Krai traffic police detained dozens of drivers, allowing himself to drive while intoxicated.

Only one night in Primorye found 77 drunk drivers

Drunk drivers in Primorye detain daily

Only one night of 77 people were arrested, 10 - to Vladivostok - Said the press service VestiRegion.ru MOI of Russia for the Primorye Territory.

Shocking statistics: in the first quarter of this year caused by drunk drivers on the roads Primorye killed 9 people, 50 were treated in hospital with various injuries. Last year, the "drunk" car accident claimed the lives of five children, the youngest was a year and a half.

Due to the fact that the traffic police regularly carry out preventive measures, the number of such avtoavry decreased by 35%. But in Ussuriysk, Spassk-Far, and in Dalnerechensk, Michael, October and Khankaisky's situation has not improved.

toit recalled that a drunk driver may lose at least half a year. If arrested for drunk driving without the right - he could face administrative detention to 15 days.

Опубликовано:   16-04-2013, 18:11      |      Категория:  eng news

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