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Vladivostok residents are actively preparing for the city subbotnik

Vladivostok residents are actively preparing for the city subbotnik Photo: Ian Krasitsky

In Vladivostok, April 10 started bimonthly health, which aims - to purge the city from the accumulated over the winter debris. And on 27 April the subbotnik, during which residents call to roll up your sleeves, and elevate their local area.

Everything you need to work day can be obtained from management companies. "To get the seedlings, land, the tools need only apply" - IA Primore24 told in the press service of the city administration.

Some management companies have already prepared for subbotnik: "We always respond to such events, and this time we got everything ready for subbotnik. Currently allocated for about 20 people - said the director of" Management Company "Breeze". - People rarely ask for the tools, but the situation has been resolved to the ground - a lot of it was purchased, "

These days the administrative committee, as usual, will carry out checks around trading and supply of public men, as well as enterprises of all types property, which are obliged to carry out work on beautification of the area. Moreover, the companies that will be willing to spend cleaning, not only on its own territory, but some other, the administration is ready to help - from the provision of equipment to the garbage disposal.

In bimonthly within the city transport companies will result in a proper state of the rolling stock of public transport and MUPV "VPES" will work on cleaning the lighting poles from advertisements and labels, and provide sanitary cleaning of the fuel and energy complex. OJSC "Electric transport" will hold a traditional work painting poles and catenary renewal tram trailers.

Опубликовано:   16-04-2013, 18:00      |      Категория:  eng news

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