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The Law "On Land" will reduce the cost of housing in Primorye 30%

The Law \"On Land\" will reduce the cost of housing in Primorye 30%

Governor Vladimir Miklushevsky attended a meeting of the working group on the draft law "On the free provision of the land."

Participants discussed the basic concept of the future law. For discussion attracted heads of cities and districts of Primorye, social activists.

Was considered a lot of questions, in the end, participants agreed that allotments should be learned by the integrated development. This will reduce the cost of summing utility infrastructure, and as a result, and housing.

As one of the members of the working group, the program is designed primarily for young families and attract people to the province. Therefore, the bill should include a minimum of restrictions. Now the law of fall only two categories of beneficiaries, but in case of success of the program in two years this number will be increased.

At the meeting also discussed the terms of the land - for rent for five years, if at that time the family to build a house in the area, the area will become the property.

According to the participants of the working group, Vladimir Smotrikovsky, the region should increase the volume of housing construction. To do this, the law must provide some form of housing: individual and participation in housing co-operatives. This issue has caused much discussion, because not everyone will want to live in their own homes - some comfortable to live in the apartment.

"The size of the optimal site for individual construction - 10 acres, and a co-op - in accordance with town planning regulations. In any case, getting the site will boost second child " - Said Vladimir Smotrikovsky.

Member of the Legislative Assembly of Primorsky Krai, Dmitry Novikov suggested to base the future of the draft law on the issue of land for large families in Primorye, which MPs are considering a half years.

In the opinion of some chapters, plots for all reported categories of citizens may not be enough. For example, the head of the administration of Vladivostok Igor Pushkarev and head Artem Vladimir Novikov said that municipalities can not have so many areas. Vice-Governor Vladimir Balan said that due to the transfer region of unused land areas allocated MOD enough.

"We get enough land to address this issue. Beijing gets more than just 6000 hectares, it is more than 20 thousand sites, so that's plenty of " - Vladimir Balan.

The participants raised many questions: what are the aspects of the issue of registration of land, whether families with children receive the care sector. A working group concerned, who will assume the cost of wrapping up utilities.

"If municipal leaders consider it possible to take the cost at least backbone infrastructure itself, we will support this work, but we need to calculate the costs. The community leader, who did not want to attract people to the region and to provide them with housing, Primorye and I do not need. Everyone will have to work - that every manager needs to understand the territory " , - Said Vladimir Miklushevsky.

The Governor stressed that the next meeting of the working group will take place on a particular plot of land for construction in Vladivostok.

For young families taking part in the meeting, one of the most troubling issues was to discuss the implementation of programs to support mortgage lending. Vladimir Miklushevsky stressed that at present in the region are too high interest rates, and he was instructed to prepare proposals to change the program social support of citizens in the field of mortgage lending.

Another proposal, announced at the meeting - to increase the size of land plots in areas where available land abound. This will attract young professionals in remote areas of the Maritime Provinces.

"Providing free sites will reduce the cost of housing for at least 30 per cent, plus due to new construction technologies, we can get the cost per square meter in 30 thousand. This was an indicator that we will strive to " - The head of the region.

Опубликовано:   13-04-2013, 18:00      |      Категория:  eng news

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