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Igor Pushkarev - developers: "Do not forget about the main thing - communicate with the people!"

Igor Pushkarev - developers: \"Do not forget about the main thing - communicate with the people!\" Photo: Anatoly Filatov

This is not the first time Urban Council "to pieces" project examines the cultural and entertainment complex on Dalzavodskoy, 31. Another discussion was held today - around already revamped project complex. At this time the board meeting attended by representatives of tenants with whom the investor - OOO "Region 1" formed an uneasy relationship.

The representative of the project organization Andrew Slabodyan at the beginning of his speech said that since last discussion in the project was dropped floors, reduced volume - "to avoid the effect of the retaining wall," is faced with natural stone facade and landscaped terraces. In addition, the architecture has been replaced by an aggressive, the roof is made recreation area, and adding underground parking.

The first question was from Valentine Anikeeva , Honored Builder of the country. It turned out that the project on the existing slope there is a great offense. Second violation was the site of rotation. " Property acquired a very large public unpleasant resonance, and this is a serious hole in terms of the lease. Suppose test will or prosecution, or the administration of the city, so there are no knots and zadorinok over and over again, and has been a wholly owned purity." - concluded his speech Anikeev .

Igor Pushkarev - developers: \"Do not forget about the main thing - communicate with the people!\"

Vice-Governor of Vladimir Balan said Svetlanskaya terms of architecture does not paint even the improved design, there is no single line of development, strict lines. Further performances were limited mainly to the fact that voiced more and more design flaws: the transport scheme is not resolved, there is no park and lawn, "stepped" architecture is designed for anyone, except the people. " If we want to make obeisance to the tenants, then you need to approach responsibly, thoroughly, and not with the ziggurat, where, of course, no one will ever walk. Movement is there, but it was not found! " - Sounded opinion.

Igor Pushkarev - developers: \"Do not forget about the main thing - communicate with the people!\"

After all those present were, Valentin Anikeev turned to the head of Vladivostok Igor Pushkarev . " Our thoughts, I'm sure it's not over. Most fundamental question - is it possible to build here at all? Nobody never saw. Igor, let lawyers sort out and give legal assessment of ", - He said.

Igor Pushkarev - developers: \"Do not forget about the main thing - communicate with the people!\"

" Themis - she's blindfolded. Here you may receive a building that would ruin the city. If everyone will hang back, it is still unknown what eventually happens. Our task - to find a solution that would satisfy both the developer and the residents. I am responsible for the entire city and I madly put out illegal constructions, probably more than any of you. A very important and a key point - say the residents. If you do not, then there will be nothing, nothing complex. If they want to park, so be their parking. Do not allow cheating. We will send their representatives, I will come myself, if this is necessary, but we do not agree, we will not move forward. Realize you do not have enough of the main "- head turned to the director of LLC "Region 1". He was supported by the Vice-Governor of Balan " I voiced the official position of the Governor: as you do not agree with the residents, there will be no construction! "

Igor Pushkarev - developers: \"Do not forget about the main thing - communicate with the people!\"

As a result of this conversation, the investor has begun negotiations with the housing committee right outside the doors of the hall in which the meeting took place. It is hoped that the notorious consensus will be achieved by balanced and mutually respectful negotiation.

Опубликовано:   11-04-2013, 20:50      |      Категория:  eng news

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