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Chapter Vladivostok expects merchants active participation in greeting veterans

Chapter Vladivostok expects merchants active participation in greeting veterans

Today, April 11 at an enlarged meeting of the organizing committee for the Day of Victory Mayor Igor Pushkarev with a specialist training appearance of Vladivostok for the coming holiday.

"Where we will be the main event no advertising as possible should not be, except the holiday and greeting, - Set the task of managing advertising head seaside capital. - Therefore it is necessary with the owners of advertising designs up on this. Time is enough. "

Igor Pushkarev said that the management of trade to strengthen work with entrepreneurs. "We need to work closely with trade enterprises, - Instructed the mayor - Many shops, I'm sure would be willing to give a sign of attention to veterans, to prepare and deliver food packages. Is noble and all will be nice. "

In addition, the job of mayor received and road services. "We need all the markings on the main roads, which will host the celebrations, was applied, was fresh, bright, - Said Igor Pushkarev. - Should be washed sidewalks, railings, pedestrian crossings. "

Опубликовано:   11-04-2013, 19:50      |      Категория:  eng news

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