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Svetlanskaya new look, 83: Provincial swagger or rotten tooth in the mouth lunatic?

Svetlanskaya new look, 83: Provincial swagger or rotten tooth in the mouth lunatic? Photo: Anatoly Filatov

During the 35 years of its existencethree-story building on Svetlanskaya 83 never knew overhaul. Today, at a meeting of the Town Planning Board in the administration of Vladivostok was a draft of its extensive renovation, after which it "grow" almost in half, will get a spire on the roof, stairs to the left "board" and parking. The project has generated the most heated debate participants Gradsoveta.

Wear and tear of the building to the presenttime exceed 50%. The proposed project is planned to add two floors, "dissolved" in the air due to the use of glass structures, the appearance of the spire on the roof, stairs, more reminiscent of the diving board, and the division of the entrances to the cafe-club and a business center.

As noted Honored Builder of Russia Valentin Anikeev " Project is very interesting. I personally it is no negative points does not cause, but still need to work a lot. So, the planned number of parking spaces is not enough, some parking can be moved to the site at the Sailors' Club. Addition, the owner alone, a lot of people, it is also necessary to consider that advertising in the future will not collapse on the part of the building. Moreover, exit from the parking lot - a very dangerous place in the transport terms, there is outrageous biases. clear that after all the new prestige office space here multiple times grow - with the price of ".

Vice-Governor of Vladimir Balan confirmed the need for reconstruction, " What should we have here now, do not paint the city was. But we did not lose the monument? There is not only the nearby church, and university administration. convinced that something should be done explicitly, and thank you to the owner of the building for what finally turned to face us ".

There were other opinions, sometimes diametrically opposed to each other:

" Kirch From the looks very gently and tolerance and by Svetlanskaya - bright dandy. Should be more modest, more attention to the glass ".

" 60 cars - why kid ourselves? They need parking for 200 and even better for 300 cars ".

" Gorky with theater, we have solved the problem without any add-ins, I do not know the authors, but we must be more tactful to their city, even if you wanted to cut down Svetlanskaya - this is our Nevsky Prospect in St. Petersburg, but perhaps would be allowed to add such glass? ! "

" Machine right out of the gate goes to the road - it's not the best option is fraught accident rate.".

" If Pastor Brockmann saw this project would make him sick. Pompezen He too, indiscreet and does not get into the style of building ".

" Complex feelings. This building - originally a masterpiece. Not the best example of Soviet architecture ".

" If he agreed to remodel a few years ago, it is already the summit we would not be ashamed of the face of the city. Provincial arrogance leads to the fact that Beijing is destroyed. This madman's mouth with rotten teeth, if you look at the center of the city from a helicopter . no need to turn the town into ruins. Disclaimer reconstruction - it antigrazhdanstvenno ".

Passions ran high, the degree of emotion steadily grew. Putting an end to it, summed up the discussion, the head of Vladivostok Igor Pushkarev: " I always learned from you, from the very first meeting. But, please, do not teach bad. Necessary to find a compromise here, too. Unless the economy - will not be good for the city. Still, there are things which we can not to cross the border, or a business just goes out of town! We had a lot of discussions, and I do not remember any of it is not important for the object! Our debate - not in vain, where we decide together, and listening to our customers, the results were worthy. As Svetlanskaya, 83 - think nothing bad will happen if we get together again. Consider our wishes, you had a lot of good decisions, you need only modify the strokes ".

Svetlanskaya new look, 83: Provincial swagger or rotten tooth in the mouth lunatic?

Svetlanskaya new look, 83: Provincial swagger or rotten tooth in the mouth lunatic?

Svetlanskaya new look, 83: Provincial swagger or rotten tooth in the mouth lunatic?

Svetlanskaya new look, 83: Provincial swagger or rotten tooth in the mouth lunatic?

Svetlanskaya new look, 83: Provincial swagger or rotten tooth in the mouth lunatic?

Опубликовано:   11-04-2013, 18:50      |      Категория:  eng news

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