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Chapter Vladivostok reported on the preparation of a large-scale celebration of Victory Day

Chapter Vladivostok reported on the preparation of a large-scale celebration of Victory Day

Today, April 11 Mayor Igor Pushkarev held an enlarged meeting of the Organizing Committee for the celebrations.

Representatives of the Pacific Fleet, the police, experts reported to the mayor of the city administration of the preparations for the celebration of Victory Day in Vladivostok. The work was attended by Chairman of the organizing committee of the city council of veterans Jacob Kahn.

On the instructions of the Mayor had done a lot of preparatory work - this year Igor Pushkarev ordered to organize a large-scale and colorful celebration of May 9 to provide new activities and to use the new urban area. Experts noted that before the form the program of celebration, consultations were held with district councils of veterans, as the main task - to create for veterans mental environment in which they will be able to remember the combat youth, talk, once again experience the pride and joy of the Great Victory. In addition, it is important to involve as many citizens.

May 7 at Victory Square in the regional head of the Youth House Vladivostok with veterans will open the "Alley of Heroes."

By tradition, the key event will be the May 9 gala parade of troops and military equipment, which, like last year, will be held on Svetlanskaya - the main street of the city. It will begin at 10 am.

Igor Pushkarev noticed - in this year's parade passing zone only buses can drive with the veterans. No special permit for vehicles, despite the rank of their owners, will not.

"Public transport has to go on May 9 in full and on until after midnight" - Said the mayor of transportation management, and added that the holiday to decorate buses appropriate symbols to create a festive atmosphere in the city.

On the organizing committee discussed the plan parade rehearsal. Together with the Navy decided to hold rehearsals only in the pre-and weekends in the evening and at night. "We must prepare adequately Victory parade and not create unnecessary problems for the people", - the head of the city.

Themed events dedicated to Victory Day, will be held in all districts of Vladivostok, including in remote and island areas. In areas held rallies, concerts, everyone will be able to be treated with soldier's porridge.

Colorful fireworks this year can be seen on May 9 to 22 hours at the four points of Vladivostok: Square Revolution Fighters, in with. Labour, on the islands of Popov and Russian.

Particular attention is paid to the preparation for the celebration of public order, road safety. Duty officers will carry AMIA, representatives of military units, Cossacks and volunteers.

"Victory Day - the great and sacred holiday. It must be felt in every area of , - Said Igor Pushkarev. - Therefore, plan and carry out activities in the first place so that the veterans were comfortable, they took part in them, but did not get tired. "

At the end of the meeting summed up Igor Pushkarev - Vladivostok is almost ready for the celebration of May 9 and ordered the problems and issues in preparation of activities to report to him personally.

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