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June 21 legendary Garik Sukachev from "The Untouchables" to give a single concert in Vladivostok

June 21 legendary Garik Sukachev from \"The Untouchables\" to give a single concert in Vladivostok Photo: Website Garik Sukachev

Garik Sukachev - one of the most prominent Russian rock frontmen, leader of the "brigade" and "The Untouchables", the author of solo projects, the director and writer.

It is diverse, and everyone finds it in his songs, something near and dear. One like simple, at first glance, stylized urban folklore 50s, other longingly remember the decadent days of "brigade", others are crazy lyrical and philosophical songs, "The Untouchables" - in a word, concerts Garik Sukachev, it is always full.

Garik Sukachev today - one of the most professional and recognizable Russian musicians. Each language is not his concert next turn to call, he always laid out all 200. Every sound, every note they experienced the first time you hear, first pierced. His energy is enough for several projects simultaneously at full capacity to act in concert, put the sold-out performances, not shoot lacquer nostalgic movie.

About his stage write:

It goes without saying that the image he svoebrazny - explosive mixture of hooliganism proletarian and the old soldier, "not knowing the words of love."

In 1989 he organized the concert "Rock against terror", which held one of the first Soviet public speech in defense of sexual minorities.

Garik Sukachev acting work: "the sky with diamonds", "beauty queen or a very difficult childhood", "attraction", "Women in a game without rules", "Death Tairov", "Blind Man's Bluff", "Love Me", "Arya". He participates in the dubbing of films and cartoons. For the musical setting of the play "the villain or cry Dolphin" was awarded "The Seagull" in the "Melodies and rhythms."

This year Garik Sukachev began shooting sports drama "The best in the world."

The concert will be held June 21 at the scene of FESCO Hall.

Опубликовано:   10-04-2013, 15:50      |      Категория:  eng news

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