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Lyudmila Talabaeva: "Select the candidate of the" United Russia "will be open, and not on the sidelines,"

Lyudmila Talabaeva: \"Select the candidate of the\" United Russia \"will be open, and not on the sidelines,\" Photo: Ian Krasitsky

Secretary of the Maritime branch of "United Russia" described how the party will choose a candidate for the post of Vladivostok.

As you know, on September 8 in Russia will be a single day of voting. In this regard, particular attention is paid to the selection of party candidates for the post of Vladivostok, it is well known now that the federal government is given the key town in the region. The evidence of this - the massive projects that are implemented in the regional center.

Nomination of candidates for the inner-voting started on March 29 and runs until April 21. Results of intra-party voting will be announced by 28 May. The details of the procedures for the nomination of party candidates said today, April 10 the secretary of the Primorsky Regional branch of "United Russia" Lyudmila Talabaeva .

According to her, the work has already begun: the regional political council already defined model, which will be the selection of candidates by the party.

" Earlier it was a purely internal party project, now we will work on that model. Number of electors - 5% of the number of party members in each district. Half of them - members of the party, and the second - the representatives of NGOs with an agreement with us the cooperation of the Russian Popular Front. Candidates can be either party or not - is another innovation. However, the maverick self-promoter must obtain the written support of 10 members of the Vladivostok branch of "United Russia", but it is important to note that the same party members can several candidates to trust "- told Lyudmila Zaumovna .

Candidates will present their program on campus at Palo Russian island. According Talabaevoy, it is made to a lot of people saw what was built as transformed the island, and the meeting itself and the inner-vote was a real treat for city residents. Will be carried out large-scale information and propaganda work among the people, all residents of Vladivostok will be able to get to the Russian by special buses, flight information which will be widely publicized in the media. The result will be held 5 meetings of candidates with the residents of Vladivostok - the number of the city, in "one day - one meeting."

" Such meetings are of great interest, the people involved, listen, ask questions, and thus better understand who they need. To actively Vladivostok - sophisticated city, but we hope that the presidential election to be high - interest already have, people call and ask We are interested in a lot of bright, active, beautiful personality, I would like to have taken part in the primaries they. primaries - is not secretive project, we are confident that they will leave the people who end up somehow ensure a high turnout "- shared his vision of the situation Lyudmila Talabaeva .

The result will be selected at least two names, of which the Conference of the Seaside Regional branch of "United Russia" one nominated for election of the head of Vladivostok. Lyudmila Talabaeva not, however, rule out that the results of the primaries by candidates can be selected and more.

Опубликовано:   10-04-2013, 12:50      |      Категория:  eng news

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