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Bimonthly purity begins today in Vladivostok

Bimonthly purity begins today in Vladivostok

On April 10 in Vladivostok starts bimonthly health, announced the Mayor Igor Pushkarev.

Bimonthly conducted in order to improve the health and improvement of the status of Vladivostok, cleaning of roads, sidewalks, parks, adjoining areas of debris, it will last until May 31. And on April 20 of Vladivostok residents are invited to a citywide Saturday.

Within bimonthly will scale works on cleaning and landscaping, which will cover all areas - the main streets and yards, sidewalks and highways, transitions and squares. Participation in the event will be members of relevant organizations, such as travel services, asset management companies and companies specializing in the garbage disposal, and transportation companies, educational institutions, culture and health. It should be noted that to bring order to their territories must enterprise trade and catering, property owners and tenants of the buildings, as well as enterprises of all forms of ownership.

In particular, management companies must provide repair and painting of small architectural forms on the local area, delivery of land and seedlings for planting and stake beds, installing benches and bins at the entrances of apartment buildings. Transport companies will lead to the proper health and aesthetics of the rolling stock of public transport. MUPV "VPES" will work on cleaning the lighting poles from advertisements and labels, as well as provide sanitary cleaning of the fuel and energy complex (substations, boilers, boiler). OJSC "Electric transport" will hold traditional painting works catenary poles, renovation (painting and sanitary cleaning) tram trailers.

From 19 to 21 April at the incinerator and complex for the processing and disposal of solid waste in the creek Nameless will be free acceptance of waste.

The tradition to hold subbotnik and direct purity throughout the city - has been for decades. This year, the residents of Vladivostok are also invited to be active and to participate in the sanitation of the city, for example, tidy and weed your yard.

Опубликовано:   10-04-2013, 09:50      |      Категория:  eng news

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