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Announcement of the newspaper "Arguments and Facts - Primorye" on Wednesday, April 10

Announcement of the newspaper \"Arguments and Facts - Primorye\" on Wednesday, April 10

Popular weekly "Arguments and Facts - Primorye" presents to readers a new issue full of interesting a variety of age materials.

The attack, which took place recently in the Lazo Reserve, exploded heartland and environmentalists edge. Ph.D. in Biological Sciences Galina Salkina with brutal beatings and concussion was hospitalized village Transformation. There, under the supervision of doctors, it is so far. All severity of the situation is that the poachers are not only encroached on the state inspector, that is, in principle, the sovereign rights. Hit a woman, wife and mother, a scientist, known for its scientific work far beyond the Maritime Provinces. It seemed that in this situation, find the criminals - a matter of honor for the police and investigators. However, more formal criminal investigation did not get. And then come to light and more amazing details that characterize the custody order is not in the best light.

Tuberculosis - a disease peculiar. It accompanies mankind throughout its history, and it can not be beat. About that, what is the situation in Russia and how to protect themselves from the disease, the weekly "Arguments and Facts" said Peter Jablonski, Professor, Chief of Thoracic Surgery and TB Health Ministry. According to him, today, there is a list of the 22 countries where, according to the World Health Organization, the burden of TB is greatest. Unfortunately, we are in the list in 13th place. However, the trend in the country favorable. From 2009 to 2011 the overall incidence of TB has dropped from 82.5 to 73 per 100 thousand population. However, the highest incidence noted in the Far Eastern and Siberian Federal Districts. How to fight and how to protect themselves from the disease? Details - in the newspaper "Arguments and Facts".

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Music Festival kicks off Red Rocks - 2013
24-04-2013, 11:10, eng news
Red Rocks - a large-scale musical project undertaken by Sberbank and allows to involve the maximum number of Russians in the Olympic movement......
The mayor - graduate school number 52:
25-05-2013, 14:20, eng news
Recent calls continue in schools Vladivostok. Today, at the opening line of school number 52 celebrating this year 51 years old, 11th grade students congratulated the mayor Igor Pushkarev (PHOTOS)......
By August 20 fully completed the reconstruction of the heating
6-08-2013, 21:02, eng news
By August 20 fully completed the reconstruction of the heating and thermal cameras, including the restoration of asphalt and green space, located at the junction of the road in the street. Russian,...
FMS in the Maritime region is struggling with intermediaries
12-09-2013, 23:41, eng news
Today, for the first time in the department of labor migration of the Federal Migration Service of the Primorsky Territory police conducted a special operation to detain citizens who earn their...
Defined plot of land on which the construction will begin
12-06-2013, 17:15, eng news
Defined plot of land on which to begin construction of a fish market in Vladivostok. Select it in the shortest time ordered the Governor of the Primorsky territory. About it RIA "VladNews" have...
Fighting the flood and its aftermath in the Far East
4-09-2013, 23:33, eng news
Fighting the flood and its aftermath in the Far East continues. It is reported with reference to Sergei Shoigu, from mid-August the Russian Defense Ministry has been actively involved in the...
Cold water on the First District restored. Police identified adventurers who stormed the Golden Bridge pylon. Dmitry Medvedev refused to
19-04-2013, 00:00, eng news
Information Service Radio "Lemma" - News of the full range!......
At the meeting with the head of city Igor Пушкаревым
18-06-2013, 09:47, eng news
At the meeting with the head of city Igor Пушкаревым teachers approved projects proposed for voting residents of the regional capital, and have already voted for your suggestions. «Teachers have...
In conducting quarantine phytosanitary control,
13-08-2013, 11:45, eng news
In conducting quarantine phytosanitary control specialists Primorsky branch FGBU "All-Russian Centre for Plant Quarantine" in 6 railcars with grain soybeans destined for delivery to the Chelyabinsk...
- Preparation of housing and communal services of
19-09-2013, 17:20, eng news
- Preparation of housing and communal services of the Primorsky Territory, we appreciate by 90-95 percent. Work is being completed, which were carried out in the summer. We started checking the...

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