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"We are surprised at what interesting and conceptual application Kinokurs sent us!"

\"We are surprised at what interesting and conceptual application Kinokurs sent us!\"

As has been reported IA Primore24 in Vladivostok launched a unique projectfor young movie fans - Kinokurs. We met with the head of film school Tikhon Makarov for the latest details.

On applications and future participants of

- When the selected application, and have made them conclude in Vladivostok, a city where there is no cinema, from the people you can not claim the final portfolio. This, in my opinion, have sinned "Pacific Meridian" with his "screen tests," so they have, even in the "bread" the year the number of applications does not exceed five dozen, while we gained from the first one hundred and sixteen public. The main argument was an essay on "What would the world be without the film." We are surprised at what interesting and conceptual work has been presented! For example, one guy wrote a work in which Tarantino and Cameron called the greatest writers of our time, and "Pulp Fiction" and "Avatar" - superbestsellerami. At first I did not even know what it was about, and then it hit me: the movie is not invented, so the real creators have found themselves in the literature. This parallel reality. The second point - a motivation letter to him so many went wrong. It got to the point that people have reported: "I want to devote their lives to the movie, because the film festival I shook hands with Liza Minnelli." This, of course, will not do. Finally, the third point - a brief biography, for some reason more than half of the candidates this item is not affected at all, and this is very important - since we do not make demands to the portfolio, we need to learn about the candidates anything?

About the age of

- The average age of applicants - 23-24 years. Applied for even 45-year-olds, regardless of the age limit (30 years), and there were 14 students. Age restrictions are related to the seriousness of the project. Still, those who are younger, you must take a responsible approach to graduate, and those who are older, have a family, and time to participate in the project, for which they will not pay, for example, to 20 thousand a day, they are less likely to be. And for purely human reasons the 17-year to 40-year run as a team will be simply uncomfortable, they do not speak the same language.

About Kinokurse

- The school will last for 2 weeks, will be launched at the end of April. Will form two teams of 10 people, each of which in the end will present his short film. They will assist our guests from Moscow - the team of curators, professionals, but it is important to understand that the visitor will not be directed to engage in the process of formulation, it will only help to complete the idea for her to find a worthy embodiment. The reason is that we are fully aware of the fact that 70 percent of our "students" are incompetent, they will need help. Movie format - up to 5 minutes. The authors of the best film will be supported and will shoot short films. Our sampler - Yuri Stroikov - I am sure that you should always start with a short film, and I fully agree with him.

The plans for the development of

- April 11 we present a new film festival. Already, there is support from the administration of Vladivostok and Primorye. There should be a program of the festival, as with any other event. In "Pacific Meridian" I do not see any development. That is, of course, if they had a goal to make 10 festivals in a row, they have achieved it. What's next? It gave Vladivostok? If it took place in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, for example, nothing would have changed, the city itself did not benefit from it, and the cinematography was not running. Where profit for Vladivostok? To the festival will be selected about 24 films, which will compete with each other on the Olympic circuit. All details readers IA Primore24 know the day after tomorrow!

About the team of professionals

- We will assist current professionals. Put simply, I would not like to see guests who eat sausage, sausage on a buffet table and drink vodka out of bast. We need professionals who do not become a "thing in itself", and will give something to people. For example, a very interesting workshop on the script for hold Michael Mestetskiy , Screenwriter "Legends № 17", the first, in my opinion, a normal Russian box office movie that is coming out soon on the big screen. Stay tuned for news about the film school and the festival will be a lot of events.

Опубликовано:   9-04-2013, 17:50      |      Категория:  eng news

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