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Victor Shalai: "The interests of developers and living in Vladivostok may be the same,"

Victor Shalai: \"The interests of developers and living in Vladivostok may be the same,\" Photo: Anatoly Filatov

Director of the museum of Arsenyev Victor Shalai commented on the situation around buildings of the historic center of Vladivostok.

Victor Shalai: \"The interests of developers and living in Vladivostok may be the same,\"

According to Victor Shalaya, critical is not the fact that in the city center is under construction, and that what is being built objects "heart" of Vladivostok. Director of the museum, in this case acted not only as a public figure, but also as a patriot of the city, people who sincerely love to Vladivostok and not indifferent to his fate.

"On what should be a building in the center of Vladivostok, the people have to speak the appropriate competence and authority, I can not speak on their behalf. But international experience shows that this is a complex, laborious, it is necessary for all of the work," - Said in an interview with news agency Primore24 Victor Shala.

Victor Shalai: \"The interests of developers and living in Vladivostok may be the same,\"

The museum director said that Vladivostok is positive examples where developers approach the constructed facilities and their environment with the utmost care and attention, and as a result won the city.

Recall, April 1 on the instructions of Vladivostok Igor Pushkarev met the Deputy Mayor of Alexey Litvinov Residents Eleanor Prey (Zip Lane, 5/2). The meeting discussed the construction work underway at Post Lane 5/2. This site is owned by OOO "Technopark".

Victor Shalai: \"The interests of developers and living in Vladivostok may be the same,\"

At the meeting it was decided to thoroughly examine all the archival documents, to finally determine whether the building at Post Lane, 5/2 an object of cultural heritage.

The meeting resulted in an agreement that the development company will make the documentation and coordinates with the Department of Culture of the Primorsky Territory, paragraph stating that the construction work will not damage nearby buildings.

"As long as the item is not included in the documentation and approved, the construction work will be suspended" - Commented the situation Alex Litvinov.

Опубликовано:   9-04-2013, 10:50      |      Категория:  eng news

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