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Far Eastern Shipbuilding College will determine the best locksmith

Far Eastern Shipbuilding College will determine the best locksmith Photo: DTSSS of

In the Far Eastern Shipbuilding College was professional contest "Best locksmith." Its participants - senior city schools and college students. One of the partners of the event was the Far Eastern Center of Shipbuilding and Ship Repair.

This year, for the first time of the contest, including 18 participants, not only the youth. Second-year student of the Far Eastern Shipbuilding College Victoria Nikolaeva compete with the guys, and even became one of the winners. But the job was not easy - to make an invoice for internal lock bar and answer ten questions on theoretical plumbing.

Traditionally, the competition commission chaired trainers college representatives Valentina elderberry plant "Star" (enterprises, integrated in the Far Eastern Center of Shipbuilding and Ship Repair) - Chief of staff Lyudmila Demanova and deputy chairman of the trade union committee Anatoly Nagibko.

Members of the commission to follow the work guys, assessed their level of training, skills, plumbing, workplace organization, compliance with safety regulations.

- I liked how he worked Ivan Zavadovsky of school № 1 - Lyudmila Demanova shares impressions. - His movement was not vanity, it's easy to control as a tool. It was felt that for him it is a usual thing. Ivan did not won a prize, but a spokesman said its plant with a special prize. Looking at the children, I believe that the prestige of working profession will increase.

- For the second year in a row watching the conduct of the competition, I go to the competition commission. I am glad that the guys have working knowledge of plumbing tools, drilling machines, are able to organize the workplace, - Expressed his opinion about the competition Anatoly Nagibko.

To give and schoolchildren and college students are equally express themselves, prizes are distributed as - two first places, two second and two third places.

Among the students of the college was the best, Dmitry Bychkov, second place was Victoria Nikolaeva, third - Roman Vigovsky. And Roman participated in this competition since the ninth grade and has repeatedly been among the winners.

Far Eastern Shipbuilding College will determine the best locksmith

Far Eastern Shipbuilding College will determine the best locksmith

Among the children who have less experience, the first place was a pupil of school № 3 Michael Puschenko, college freshman Vladimir Azanov became the second student school number 1 Eugene Sawin - in third place.

- Certainly, in terms of competition the guys were a little worried, it affected the result, - Says the chairman of the competition committee Valentine Elderberries - but the general level of good. I would like to see more students among the participants.

All the participants were awarded gifts from the Far Eastern Center of Shipbuilding and Ship Repair, which handed the head of the training Kashcheeva Marina.

- It was nice to see such a number of participants, their diligence in the course of work and the desire to achieve a good result. This means that each one of you interested in the profession. Your active participation in such contests - already small victories and the steps to achieve the goal. You are lucky that in this difficult journey you are helping and will help make it more interesting and easier to experienced mentors Far Eastern Shipbuilding College and Far Eastern factory "Star". Only startup I turn naval complex "Star" in 2013 will require attracting about 2000 qualified specialists able to work on the newest equipment. It will be, without exaggeration, one of the most advanced production facilities in Russia. Work there will be prestigious and interesting, and it was there, we hope you realize your talents, - Said before the presentation of gifts Kashcheeva Marina.

College Director Gennady Levchenko handed students - participants of the contest invitation to study at the College of Far Eastern Shipbuilding.

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