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Timely processing of roads Vladivostok reagents possible to avoid icy

Timely processing of roads Vladivostok reagents possible to avoid icy Photo: Administration of Vladivostok.

Morning, April 6 in Vladivostok began snow. Special equipment was on standby at bases throughout the city. At lower temperatures and increased precipitation road service started processing lines runway deicer.

As reported by the Municipal Enterprise "Roads of Vladivostok", special machinery - Tractor-brush, big and small wheel loaders, motor graders, gritters and machines for applying the liquid reagent - in the amount of 130 units of work in the streets of the city.

Separate link snowplows are involved in cleaning the route "Novy - De Vries - Sedanka - Bay Patroclus" in areas of the bridge to the bay nizkovodnogo Patroclus, road junctions in the neighborhood Snow Pad and the cable car, street. Katernoy, Oleg Mishka, Heroes of the Pacific Fleet.

Recall, this year introduced a new system of cleaning city roads during snowfalls, developed more than 50 routes of snow plows, which cover all the main thoroughfares. The units consist of a tractor-brushes, gritters and machinery for the application of liquid reagent. With the onset of precipitation starts to work sweeping and cleaning equipment, then are processing deicing materials, and a new face of the tractor-brush. In this mode, special runs until clean roads of snow and ice.

Vladivostok administration request to motorists to be careful driving, observe traffic rules, to be sensitive to the problems of road services - skip machinery, not hinder the movement of snow plows.

Опубликовано:   7-04-2013, 10:40      |      Категория:  eng news

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