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Loan portfolio companies "defense" in the Savings Bank approached half a trillion rubles

Loan portfolio companies \"defense\" in the Savings Bank approached half a trillion rubles Photo: press service of the Far Eastern branch of "Sberbank of Russia"

Credit portfolio of defense companies in the Savings Bank on the basis of 2012 amounted to 464 billion rubles. The portfolio of this segment is growing in the bank for the second year: in 2011 it rose by 63% to 336 billion rubles., In 2012 an increase of 38% (with a growth rate of about 13% of the market).

Sberbank's share in the lending market in the defense industry in 2012 increased by 2.4% to 36.4%. This was announced by Vice-President - Director Customer Engineering Savings Vladimir Yashin.

At the end of 2012 Sberbank has taken about half of the credit markets of the state defense order for state guarantees. The total amount approved for this product transactions exceeded $ 250 billion.

In 2012 the volume of defense companies, attracted by Sberbank, increased by 77% (130 billion rubles), the number of customers of the bank for the year increased by 240 in 1358 and made the companies. Sberbank's loan products are 382 major defense companies.

Savings guarantee portfolio in the segment increased defense in 2012 more than 2-fold (114 billion rubles) and at the end of the year reached 214 billion rubles.

Sberbank's portfolio in the segment is characterized by a low level of defense arrears: NPL90 + rate is 036%.

"Among the main areas of cooperation with Sberbank defense enterprises - funding for their modernization, continued cooperation on financing the state defense order, strengthening the position of industry leader servicing payroll" - Said Vladimir Yashin.

Опубликовано:   5-04-2013, 18:30      |      Категория:  eng news

The fountain on the waterfront in Vladivostok Sports earned a test mode
26-04-2013, 12:30, eng news
Preparing fountains began on April 12. Then they were filled with special means to prevent rust. Fountain is going to run on May 1. (PHOTOS)......
August 6 at the Frunze district court of Vladivostok
7-08-2013, 13:01, eng news
August 6 at the Frunze district court of Vladivostok announced a guilty verdict against Mr. citizen, is accused of attempted corruption offense. Some time ago she was trying to give a bribe of 500000...
The closer the election, the more there is all sorts of around
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The closer the election, the more there are around all sorts of innuendo. The next election "a point of conflict" almost became Kavalerovsky area. There decision of the Duma Kavalerovsky municipal...
At Palo Development Center opened student initiatives
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For the project was allocated 40 million rubles. The main function of the Centre - supporting student ideas......
With the proposal to appoint the date on 8 September made
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With the proposal to appoint the date on September 8 addressed Mikhail Veselov, Chairman of the Committee on local self-government, law and order and legality. The MP explained that the proposed date...
The most common scams associated
28-06-2013, 16:45, eng news
The most common scams are associated with resource use mobile communication. The outreach police caught representatives of Public Council at OMVD Russia in the city of Nakhodka, the Chairpersons of...
All the basic elements of the building are packaged in special
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All the basic elements of the building are Packed in special containers that are easy to transport. As the Deputy General Director of company «Canyon» Vitaly Prilipko, in the near future design will...
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"The situation is not an emergency or conflict", - he said, commenting on the protests from the European members of the World Trade Organization (WTO) against the introduction of Russian utilization...
Maritime Administration is ready to provide residents with free house designs
27-05-2013, 12:30, eng news
The main topic of the next meeting was the implementation of the project of construction of economy class. It was attended by Governor of the Primorsky Territory Vladimir Miklushevsky. Primorye will...
Gorki Theater Theatre on vacation. The opening of the season
26-07-2013, 13:45, eng news
Gorki Theater Theatre on vacation. The opening of the season - in September. YOUTH THEATRE Evening performances. July 27 - "Bluff" July 28 - "Family Portrait with banknotes" (16 +), start at 1800....

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