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Wholesalers of heroin to stand trial in Vladivostok

Wholesalers of heroin to stand trial in Vladivostok

Another group of people, sold heroin in the regional center in the streets of Tereshkova and Burachek, Pervomaiskii appear before the district court of Vladivostok.

These persons were arrested by the Drug near the house number 18 on the street. Tereshkova in September last year, at a time when they came out to meet the supplier of drugs, a foreign citizen that delivered to them from Ussuriysk another batch of heroin. But the meeting did not take place. A minute before the vendor was also detained drug police near the neighboring house. When the search he found nearly 130 grams of heroin. Even undiluted (a "street" heroin typically contains a large number of different contaminants - from powdered sugar to rat poison) of this amount the drug can produce hundreds of individual doses.

Further investigation of this group is more like a detective story. As it turned out, almost all of the band members have a rich criminal past. Some of them had been brought to trial for Drug Control Primorye a brothel. Conditional sentence did not for a significant warning and for the systematic violation of the regime was replaced by the punishment by imprisonment for real. A supplier of drugs and did three times already before been tried in Russia, including two times in the part of drug trafficking. After the release from prison in 2009 he was deported to his homeland, but attempts to return has not left. As established drug control operatives, he changed his name, first name, and with the new data in the data sheet freely entered into our country. Here he found a number of drug traffickers who were willing to trade for a dose of heroin for himself, and continued criminal business.

Currently, members of the group charged with the attempted sale of drugs and preparation for marketing in a group of persons by prior agreement. The case is assigned to the indictment, approved by the prosecutor, to the First District Court of Vladivostok.

Опубликовано:   4-04-2013, 07:20      |      Категория:  eng news

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