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In Primorye regional stage took the Russian Open Cup "The Future Depends on You"

In Primorye regional stage took the Russian Open Cup \"The Future Depends on You\"

The team from the orphanage Spassk-Far introduce our edge in the semifinals Russian Open Cup "The Future Depends on You," which will be held in Khabarovsk.

March 31 Spassk-Far finished the regional stage of the annual All-Russian competition of soccer teams from the children's homes and boarding schools' future depends on you. " Was organized by the Football Association of Primorye Territory Administration and the Saviour of the Far-and OJSC "MegaFon". This year, the preparation for a competition was held with the participation of the Children's Rights in the Primorye Territory.

Competitions started in the sport complex "Cement", acting in children's and youth sports school Spassk-Far. For the crown in the age group 2000 - 2001 year birth fought ten teams from orphanages Vladivostok Lesozavodsk, Ussuriysk Spassk-Far, Arsenyev and Chuguevka. For the first time in the tournament was attended by three women's teams.

As a result, a ticket to the Far stage of the competition won by the team from the orphanage Spassk-Far. The best scorer of the tournament found Sergei Kostin from Spassk-Far, who scored 16 goals and Oksana Lyschak (Chuguevka), whose experience was 19 goals. The title of "best player" given Vyacheslav Brezhnev (Arsenyev) and Anastasia Hvorostyanko (Chuguevka). Competition organizers awarded the team cups, diplomas and prizes.

"The second year of the tournament involved teams not only large coastal cities, but also in other areas land. It is encouraging that this tournament was attended by three football teams of girls, to play their awards - Said the director of the Far Eastern Branch of the Primorsky regional branch of OJSC "MegaFon" Alexander Usov. - For children with complex fate this championship was a good opportunity to believe himself. It is also an excellent example of social partnership as we work together to achieve important goals " .

"Football brings stamina and self-control, team work and desire to win, not only in the stadium, but in life it is very important for these guys," - Says the executive director of the Football Association of Primorsky Krai and chief referee Aleksandr Shevchenko.

19 - April 21 young footballers from Spassk-Far games are coming with their peers from Irkutsk and Amur, Sakhalin and Magadan regions, the Republic of Buryatia and Sakha (Yakutia), the Trans-Baikal, Kamchatka and Khabarovsk territories. At this stage, the competition they will compete for the right to represent the Far East and Eastern Siberia in Russia's national finals of "The Future Depends on You," which will be held in Sochi.

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