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To "Kinokurs" Vladivostok has already received more than 80 applications

To \"Kinokurs\" Vladivostok has already received more than 80 applications Photo: .ru

This Friday, the organizing committee "Kinokursa" finishes to accept applications. Young people from Vladivostok and Artem who want to try their hand at filmmaking, can still take part in "Kinokurse" before April 5 filling in the form on the project site. .

In April, the organizing committee of "Kinokursa" will meet with applicants, whose applications will be pre-selected. After qualifying full-time project steering committee will select 20 young people to work in the first film school in the Far East, and the authors of the 5 best proposals will undergo training on the set of the Russian-British film in the capital of Primorye.

To "Kinokurs" filed more than 80 applications. The average age of students - 23 years. This is mainly residents of the capital of Primorye. Among them schoolchildren, students, photographers, artists, operators, and managers.

"Basically, we got applications from those who are just taking the first steps in the movie, and has kinoportfolio though among potential students, there are those who have come with a full meter of , - The chief selector of film school, film critic Yuri construction site. - It should be noted that sometimes it is better not to start learning to shoot because you can get used to the wrong approach to work and to stay with him forever. We evaluated the students on a 10-point scale. The average score - 8. "

"Public response was quite large, and we did not expect such a large number of applications. I think that we end up with the competition - 5 people in place, and it is only in Vladivostok. This situation proves that film school is the future, and I am sure that our experience will pay attention to the federal center and other regions. "Kinokurs" - is an open source project designed to improve not only the professional level of the participants, but also to provide all residents of the city and region to touch the film. Now we are working hard to make in the event "Kinokursa" could take part as much as possible the number of people "- summed Stroikov .

"Kinokurs" - is an annual educational project to support young filmmakers of Primorsky Krai. In addition to film school in 2013 in the framework of "Kinokursa" will also be running two youth festival of regional and urban formats supported by the Primorsky Territory Administration and the Administration of Vladivostok, and will begin shooting the Russian-British film.

Опубликовано:   1-04-2013, 04:10      |      Категория:  eng news

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