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In Primorye ended phase-army competitions gunners

In Primorye ended phase-army competitions gunners

Sergeevskie on the final stage of the range-army competitions, determining the best artillery units infantry brigades five Army. This VestiRegion.ru reported in the department of information support the press service TSB.

Similar competitions gunners these days pass on all sites of the Eastern Military District of Primorye to the Trans-Baikal region.

Leaders gather as complicated execution firing exercises, choosing this mountain woodland, with difficult terrain. Difficulty lay in the fact that the battery commander, performed the tasks on three different artillery systems. The soldiers shot the line and half-blank range, from the closed position to the single and group goals. All during the artillery exercise completed over 100 problems of varying complexity.

To exercise involved self-propelled artillery "Hyacinth", popularly known as "sniper rifles", self-propelled howitzers, "Acacia", "MSTA - With" multiple launch rocket systems "Grad", "Hurricane" and mortars.

In Primorye ended phase-army competitions gunners

According to the deputy chief of artillery and rocket forces of the Eastern Military District Colonel Alexei Khramtsova: "The winners of this stage will be given priority for admission to the Artillery Academy and promotion to a higher position. The good news is that all officers have received only positive reviews, with half of them rated as "excellent."

Now the expert commission sums up the competition to determine the winners, who in July this year will go to the final competition of the all-army ground forces, which will be held in July this year at Totsk range.

Опубликовано:   21-03-2013, 12:27      |      Категория:  eng news

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