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March 22 - the day of Russian legal aid

March 22 this year Primorye will participate in this year's first day of the All-Russian legal aid.

March 22 - the day of Russian legal aid

Free legal advice

Free legal advice can get inhabitants. Vladivostok , Ussuriysk, Arsenyev Dalnegorsk Sibirtsevo and settlement.

Applied will advise members of Seaside Regional Branch of the Association of Lawyers of Russia. Free legal assistance to be able to get poorly protected categories of people - especially senior citizens, the disabled, the poor, orphans, students and all those in need.

This is not the first day of free legal aid, which Primorye is actively involved. All draw can get expert advice from practitioners.

Опубликовано:   21-03-2013, 09:00      |      Категория:  eng news

В субботу, 29 июня, в поселке Шкотово на специально
2-07-2013, 11:31, eng news
В субботу, 29 июня, в поселке Шкотово на специально подготовленной трассе состоялся второй этап по автокроссу на багги на Кубок краевого учебно-спортивного центра ДОСААФ. Как сообщил РИА «VladNews»...
Donation in Primorye should be encouraged not only financially
28-05-2013, 13:40, eng news
In civilized countries of the world, there are between 40 to 60 donors per thousand, in the Maritime region, this figure is 11 people......
The organizers of the
5-08-2013, 15:31, eng news
The organizers of the "People's fishing" acted as the City of Vladivostok and fishing and Sports Club "trophy." With the rods in the day at the lake could be seen about 30 fishermen. All of them...
For the first time in 23 years, the Pacific Fleet has adopted a new boat
27-04-2013, 17:50, eng news
Small hydro-geographic vessel "Victor Faleev" will start in May. (PHOTOS)......
Memorial to victims of political repression, set
13-08-2013, 17:32, eng news
Memorial to victims of political repression, set on Forest Cemetery (sector number 7), will open this coming Wednesday, August 14. Recall that in November 2010 on "Forest" took the reburial of human...
The Chinese grow vegetables in Primorye, using banned pesticides
25-04-2013, 15:20, eng news
Employees Rosselkhoznadzor, checking the work of one of the greenhouses in the October district of Primorye, near the village of Zaimok found that "vitamins" richly flavored banned pesticides....
Old buses go out of the lines of urban routes in Vladivostok
10-04-2013, 12:50, eng news
Company "DV-Car business" along with the purchase of new plans to remove from the lines about forty old buses, the director of the company during the inspection Deputy Mayor Roman KARMANOVA......
City Regatta
17-05-2013, 18:20, eng news
In the Sunday, May 19 on the Amur Bay (District Sports Harbor) will host sailing competitions "Sails of our hope."......
Young recidivist in Primorye was caught on gas station armed robbery
17-03-2013, 07:17, eng news
Police officers check suspected involvement in the commission of the same crime in Lesozavodsk. The young man was taken into custody......
Head of Vladivostok Igor Pushkarev answer questions residents on Radio
22-04-2013, 12:10, eng news
Traditionally, the main themes of the two-hour marathon of questions and answers will be the work of public transport, improvement of the city, the daily life of Vladivostok, as well as the upcoming...

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