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Maritime unions: "We live in the wild capitalism"

Maritime unions: "We live in the wild capitalism"
Yevgeny Kazakov, Chairman of the Joint Public primary trade union miners Novoshakhtinsky item
talked about the problems of the whole mining team, where in the near futurereduced to 400. Reductions are associated with the transfer of energy Primorye from coal to gas.

- We are not against the State program for the gasification region, - he said - but we believe that it should not be at the expense of miners and members of our families. The trade union has a proposal for the creation of new jobs and the employment of redundant workers, for example, the establishment of the company in the construction and repair of roads. But we must,to be heard by the Government, where we sent our proposals.

Vitaly Ryazanov - doctor - therapist KGBUZ "Yakovlevskaya central regional hospital"
talked about the problems of doctors in rural areas:

- Salaries of doctors now fashionable to measure average figures, which act like a drug. And this amount, thirty thousand, are surcharges for moonlighting, work on two or three rates, payments on the national project of modernization. If all this is to subtract, you get a different amount. It is real. However, we have selected the higher salaries for working in rural areas, free heating and electricity replaced the meager sum payments MHIF threw out their professional duty rates at home.

In fact, the same problems and voiced
teacher, chairman of the regional organization Chuguevskaya Russian Trade Union of Education Tatyana Kolpakova:

- Introduction of a new pay system in education has not led to a significant increase in wages, because current law does not significantly refined. Speaking of the wage increase, the law does not specify that the salary should be paid for a single bet. As reported by the media, the average salary in Russia in the formation of 31000 rubles, but to get these wages, our teachers, doctors, and other state employees working for more than 1.5-2 and rates.

These and other examples, expressed in the speeches of the Sixth Forum, show that in today's Russia, the relationship to the working man is still far from the principles of the International Convention "Decent work", adopted in 1999 and signed by Russia.

Decent work - it is work, allow workers to freely do what he likes with equity, security and human dignity, said the guest forum,
Secretary of FITUR, the head of the Department of social and labor relations and social partnership Oleg Sokolov.

In his speech, he shared with the Forum participants the results of training programs FITUR "Decent work - the real wealth of the country and the level of human life", as well as the course of tripartite consultations on this subject between employers, unions and the government:

- Timeline for implementation of international conventions are not spelled out. We - Russian trade unions - encourage the introduction of decent work in Russia that made proposals in the form of specific standards. Standards cover different areas of employment rights, the standards in the field of pay, job security, working conditions. The standards in the field of social security, which deals primarily talking about compensation for lost earnings due to uninsurable. The fourth section of the standards - the standards in the field of social partnership. For each of them, we have registered mechanisms and indicators, towards which to strive. Key standard, in my opinion, this is a decent wage. I think that it will not have long to achieve. In our opinion, worthy of pay must be at a subsistence level, as in a number of industries today, but at the level of the minimum consumer budget. That budget, which would allow a person not just physiologically to survive, but to lead a normal life, to be educated, to have a chance to rest, etc. And if today to assess the cost of living as defined by the law, in our assessment, it is understated to three times of the minimum consumer budget, which should be a criterion for decent wages.

Sixth Maritime union forum concluded its work by adopting a reference to all union members and residents of the region. "We live and work in an aggressive capitalist world, in terms of wild capitalism - the statement says. - Social - labor relations in the country and the Primorye Territory is in a deep crisis. Employers are trying to convince us that it is not, create the appearance of social liability companies. simple list of problems facing the country today and the trade unions, shows that they can not be overcome without a real consolidation and strengthening of trade union structures, without changing the format in critical situations.

quantitative and qualitative strengthening of sectoral trade unions, discipline, performance together decisions - a path that must pass seaside unions in a short time. Strength in numbers and organizational unity. "

The full text of appeals and other documents online, and performance of the participants are placed in section Collective Action /Equity FPPK site.

Опубликовано:   28-02-2013, 07:00      |      Категория:  eng news

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